‘You’re not speaking the truth’: Imam Chebo Cham responds to critics who say Imams should not interfere in state matters

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Top imam Chebo Cham has responded to those who say imams should stay away from state affairs, saying they too are citizens.

In a sermon this past Friday, the imam countered: “You say imams should not interfere in state matters. You’re not speaking the truth. Are we not part of the country? Are we not citizens? Are we not the people who read the Quran and the prophet’s sunnah? Are we not the people who studied how Omar ruled? And you say we should not talk? We’re deceiving each other.

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““You can have your seat (presidency), we will never seek it. But you should involve scholars on how to govern the country. They are the people who can tell you how God wants it to be done.”

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