“You’re destroying my party’s name’: Unhappy Darboe blasts man as ‘worst’ citizen ever and accuses him of destroying his party’s name

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An angry Ousainou Darboe lashed out at a man who called for civil war in The Gambia and asked him to quit UDP if he is a supporter of the man.

The man whose audio message first emerged from a UDP WhatsApp group chat, is heard asking citizens to rise up should the court dismiss UDP’s case get dismissed.

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Darboe said: “If you’re a member of UDP, make sure you leave UDP. Because we do not want conflict in UDP. We want people who advocate for peace and stability in this country. Who told you we have gone to court? That’s a lie.

“You are making irresponsible statements, destroying my party’s name and destroying my name. I don’t know who you are but you’re the worst citizen ever. You are Gambia’s enemy and you should be arrested.”

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