Ya Kumba Jaiteh: ‘We will give our lives to safe Gambia from corruption’

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Ya Kumba Jaiteh, former nominated National Assembly Member has stated that the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) youth wing will not relent in their drive to end corruption in the country as they occupied the streets heading to the capital Banjul in what was described as a ‘peaceful protest.’

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She was among hundreds of young people from the main opposition party who are demanding the president investigate corruption scandals within the central government.

“We will give our lives to save this country from corruption. The number of people protesting doesn’t matter, it is the message that matters, and we will not relent in pushing to ensure corrupt officials are prosecuted. We will continue to protest for the sake of the country,” she told journalists.

The young female politicians outlined several reported corruption scandals involving several institutions within the central government. This, she said, must be addressed for the country to realize its development aspirations.

“We cannot seat and watch our officials engaging in corruption without stopping them. The world must get these messages because everyone is seeing what is going on in the country,” she added.

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The former nominated lawmaker reiterated that they would continue to sacrifice their lives to make sure Gambians enjoy what belongs to them.

“We have been sacrificing and we will continue to fight for the country until we get the Gambia we want and secure the future for the young people,” Hon. Jaiteh emphasized.

The protesters holding different banners believe the government is not concerned about the reported corruption scandals involving prominent personalities.

“The young people are languishing in prison for stealing mobile phones, and smoking cannabis among others but the ministers who confirmed corruption in their ministries are free. The law is here for all, and it should be executed fairly,” Momodou Sabally UDP campaign manager said.

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Mr. Sabally who is widely called ‘Baba Laa commando’ added that no one is above the law warning officials to fear Allah even thou they may escape punishment on earth they should think of the hereafter.

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