Writer Urges Barrow Administration To Close Down Bakoteh Dumpsite

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Dear Editor, Please help extend this message to President Adama Barrow and his government;

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The residents of Bakoteh and it’s surrounding are suffering too much from the Bakoteh DUMP SITE since the Jammeh administration did absolutely nothing to come to our aid with regard to this matter.

The Dump site is located in the heart of the town and it generates an awful smoke and smell which is too bad to our health and environment. The SOS children’s village is located directly opposite the area and children are being constantly expose to such unbearable amount of dark smoke both night and day and their voices could not be heard.

To my estimation, There are about Tens of thousands of people being affected by that smoke, that is a huge number if you consider the total population of the Gambia.

As an engineer, I believe that area could be used to establish an industry which manufactures common goods as the location is very strategic and thus easy transportation of goods and provision of employment for the people of Gambia.

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In conclusion, Mr President Adama Barrow, please consider closing down the dumpsite, and put the people of Bakoteh and it’s surrounding in your future plans.
Thank you.

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