Who are behind this dumb conspiracy against Ousman Rambo Jatta and the APRC executive?

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How logical is Alagie Sanyang, Rambo Jatta’s accuser of bribery to tell the police that after the APRC 1st Deputy party leader paid him the D30,000.00 bribery money Rambo immediately seized his phone and deleted all his numbers used to call him before their meeting at Lamin? Really Alagie? How stupid does he think his police interrogators were?

But as important and rather arrogant as the behavior of Rambo was I think that part of his story should have featured clearly in his first video and not to wait until the Police cornered him with producing the evidence of his phone records. Hey, was the unorthodox behavior of Rambo not in contradiction with his boastful remarks that he had before their nightly meeting at a gas station in Lamin adequately prepared himself for any kind of confrontation with “Rambo, the so-called Jatto Jatta” as he put it? That he was never scared of Rambo in anyway and form. Wasn’t he instead a classic weakling to allow Rambo to confiscation his phone and delete all incriminating numbers?

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I am sure that unsophisticated Alagie doesn’t know that once a call is placed from one phone to another the evidence is instantly recorded and printable by the server. No amount of “fitti-fitti or fatta fatta”-stealing Essa Faal’s warnings to witnesses at the TRRC-will make those phone records and the times they were placed disappear in thin air. In my view it is fair to conclude that the whole thing was a cheap conspiracy against Rambo and the APRC executive funded by bunch of low IQ folks and a very dumb one for that matter.

Samsudeen Sarr.
Banjul, The Gambia.

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