While there’s life there’s hope! Former police chief Jesus returns to police three months after crying over his treatment by Jammeh

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By Lamin Njie

Former Inspector General of Police Ensa Jesus Badjie has been appointed commissioner of police.

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The former police chief in November last year wept at the TRRC as he detailed how former President Yahya Jammeh masterminded his 2010 arrest and jailing. He was then dismissed from the police.

Mr Badjie has now been reappointed by the Personnel Management Office as Commissioner of Police, police spokesman Lamin Njie told The Fatu Network on Wednesday.

“He will be working in the Crime Department of the GPF under the Crime Management Coordinator (CMC) who is an Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG),” he added.

Mr Badjie is not the Crime Management Coordinator but a police commissioner who will be working under the CMC.

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