‘We’re going to State House’: MC Cham Jnr says no party can rival GDC’s political power and hands down victory verdict

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MC Cham Jnr has insisted GDC’s political power cannot be matched by any party and said the party is on its way to State House.

Addressing GDC supporters in an audio which he shared with The Fatu Network, Cham Jnr said: “Any who wishes to endorse GDC will find that our door is open. But we will not give anyone money for you to endorse GDC.

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“The money we would give you it’s better we buy t-shirts and give it to our supporters for campaign. The partnership we have right now with APRC, no one has it.

“Our power cannot be rivalled by that of any party. So I want GDC supporters to believe in themselves and know we are going to State House.”

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