‘We will not give up’: Momodou Sabally vows he will never give up fighting against President Barrow and his government

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UDP commando Momodou Sabally has vowed he will never give up fighting for an end to President Adama Barrow’s rule and has called on UDP supporters never to retreat.

In his latest address to UDP supporters, Sabally who is renowned for being UDP leader Ousainou Darboe’s most trusted aide said: “Let no one lose hope and let no one retreat. Let’s be patient and be ready to fight. Even God’s prophets used to have setbacks in their battles but they are always patient and Allah gives them victory.

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“Let those who are not with Adama Barrow and his squirrel crew know they are on the side of truth and victory will end up theirs.

“I Momodou Sabally will never give up. I will continue to devise strategies to ensure we remove Adama Barrow and his government, in peace and within the confines of the law.”

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