‘We need unity now than before’: UTG Staff chief Dr Alieu Gibba speaks ahead of election

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Dr. Alieu Gibba the President of the University of The Gambia Faculty and Staff Association has insisted the country needs unity now than before as citizens head to the polls Saturday to elect a new president.

According to the top academician, the 2021/2022 presidential and parliamentary elections will be the most contested and participatory elections in Gambian history.

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“I therefore remind ourselves that it is our individual and collective responsibilities to preserve the peace, harmony, and the cultural diversity we continue to enjoy as one TREE with different branches yielding fruits for the community,” Dr Gibba said.

He added: “We need unity now than before. Any use of foul remarks by the political heads and their subjects will only disintegrate us. The political leaders should avoid such speeches and communicate their development plans to the electorates.

“The 2021 elections will be gone but our common TREE will remain. The fact that the first colour of our national flag is RED shows that Gambians share the same blood and must always perverse the bond during and after the presidential and parliamentary elections.”

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