We all Contributed to Creating This Problem, So We Must Work Together to Change the Situation -Tamsir Jasseh

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One of the candidates for the presidency of The Gambia Tamsir Jasseh has called on all Gambians to work together to solve the country’s problems since every Gambian has in one way or the other contributed to creating the problem

He was speaking after his nomination process at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)

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“We all contributed to creating this problem so we must work together to change this situation. We must get the change that we voted for. There is nothing in this nation but hopelessness, poverty and disease, but we have a lot of potential in the youth. We need a leader that will come forward and harness this potential,” Tamsir Jasseh said.

He further noted that his party is willing to look beyond tribe or religion and implement the law as it is in the country’s law books. He revealed that there is a lot of poverty in The Gambia because the people are corrupt

But how does he intend to fight corruption?  He said the laws must be enforced and those who violate the laws must be held accountable. Speaking about his citizenship status he confirmed that he does have American citizenship but the process of dropping it has begun.

Tamsir Jasseh is the first Gambian presidential candidate to possess dual citizenship in the Gambia and the United States of America. He is also the first Gambian war veteran to seek the office of the president of the Republic of the Gambia. He served in the United Nations Navy and was a veteran of the first Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) and the first Gambian to serve as policy adviser for the Gambia Police Force.

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He served as deputy inspector general of the Gambia Police Force, and director-general of the Gambia Immigration Department. He holds a Master of Science degree in terrorism and homeland security, a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice, and a graduate certificate in public administration, and a second graduate certificate in justice studies.


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