Voice Achievers Awards To Honour President Barrow, Madam Bio & Others

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By: Karimatou Jallow 

The Voice Achievers Awards, which usually takes place in Dubai, is said to be organized in the Gambia with the theme: Africa’s Future Through Participation.

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Organizers of the awards yesterday held a press conference to inform the press about preparations ahead of the ceremony.

The awards ceremony will be held at the Sir Dawada Kairaba Jawara Conference Centre in Bijilo where the President of the Gambia Adama Barrow and the First Lady of Sierra Leone Madam Fatima Bio will be awarded for their contributions to their countries.

It is scheduled to run for three days, starting on the 18th to 20th August 2022 where men, women, youths, businesses, and charity organizations would be recognized for their contributions toward the advancement of Africa.

The Awards Ceremony is to encourage and show appreciation for the work of the awardees.

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Pastor Elvis Iruh spoke on the economic importance of the awards to the country.

“Over one hundred diasporans will be visiting the country. They will be staying in hotels and will come up with different ideas on possible business partnership with businesses in The Gambia. Gambians should prepare to welcome them. They might even want to invest in business opportunities in country or start  charitable organizations.”

Monika Bah emphasized on how the awards ceremony can benefit The Gambia.

“To travel to Dubai for business is not easy. So, this is a platform were Gambians will have the opportunity to discuss with people from different parts of the world and sell their businesses.”

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In his statement, Lamin Njie explained the uniqueness of the awards ceremony in the Gambia, saying that the tourism and business sectors stand to benefit from it.

“For the first time people from the diaspora will be coming to the country and that is a great opportunity to use partner with them which will contribute to the economy development of the Gambia especially in terms of tourism and business in the country.”

The main objective of The Voice Achievers Awards is to promote and support the government of the Gambia and the wider African community.

Organizers of the awards ceremony called on Gambians to participate in the event and make it a success.

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