Unite and make Gambia great again – Deputy Speaker

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Deputy Speaker, Momodou Sanneh has challenged all Gambians despite political differences to work together in “this new dispensation of justice, democracy and good governance to make the country great again”.

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Speaking before lawmakers, the Deputy Speaker praised the President’s Monday address at the Assembly and thanked the Ecowas regional bloc members, particularly Senegal, for the crucial role they played during the political crisis which almost plunged the country into war.

The long-time lawmaker and the erstwhile Minority leader also called for respect for the rule of law which he said the former regime failed do so citing its withdrawal from the Commonwealth and International Criminal Court as examples.

“The Constitution which is the supreme law of the land and the voice of the citizens must be respected by our leaders who are being elected by the people to represent them and this was where the former regime failed because it had no regard for the rule of law,” Mr Sanneh chastised.

He challenged the Barrow administration to revive the agriculture sector which he said has been “dormant” for the past two decades and make it attractive as a source of employment for the youth.
Mr Sanneh, who was imprisoned by the former president, further postulated: “Considering the fertile soil The Gambia is blessed with and the river, they can be utilised effectively to improve our agric sector. That will create job opportunities for our youth.

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On the issue of health as highlighted by the President in his address, 800 vehicles and motorcycles are purchased to revive our primary healthcare which is very important. We have learned a lot in the past two decades for politicising our institutions despite politics having nothing to do with our institutions. Therefore, all hands should be on deck despite our political differences to help the new government to achieve its development goals to make our country great again for the betterment of our people.”

The Member for Wuli East, Suwaibou Touray, appealed for preparedness to trade with other countries like China. He said the trade with Beijing in rose wood generated US$300 million for the government.

“China has great interest in our groundnuts and wood, therefore, we must try and improve our forest to trade with them. The country should try and graduate from aids which does not solve the economic problem of a country,” he advised.

He appealed for proper planning which he said is imperative to the economic wellbeing of any nation as any country will fail in the absence of proper planning.
Sessions continue.

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