“Training is an essential ingredient in our drive to re-professionalize the Armed Forces” Lt. General Masanneh Kinteh

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Members of the Gambia Armed Forces have embarked on a training session to broaden the intellectual competence of army officers on contemporary security, social, political and economic issues of society at the Joint Officers’ Mess in Kotu.

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The Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Masanneh Kinteh in his opening statement said that the session is meant to build capacity of troops to ensure that they effectively and efficiently perform their constitutional mandate and other assigned roles in support of national defense policy objectives which is a given top priority.

“Training is an essential ingredient and an indispensable tool in our drive to re-professionalize the Armed Forces,” Lt. General Masanneh Kinteh said.

Speaking at the opening, the Minister of Women’s Affairs and Overseer of the Office of the Vice President, Aja Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang commended the Armed Forces for demonstrating a high sense of responsibility during the political impasse and also recently disassociating itself from the July 22nd Coup, adding that their cooperation with ECOMIG Forces is a clear demonstration of their appreciation for new Gambia which will bring big changes in their welfare.

Mrs. Jallow Tambajang, further stated that the government values its citizens in uniform and very much clear with the belief that the future and lasting security of our beloved country lies in the hands of no other forces than her own sons and daughters.

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“The military profession is a very noble profession, even God has counted them amongst the type of people whose eyes will not be burnt in the hereafter,” Mrs. Jallow Tambajang asserted.

“If you execute your constitutional duties honestly within your limits, you will not only reap the fruit of your labour in this world but also in heaven,” she added.

The Women Affairs Minister and Overseer of the Office of the Vice President urged the men and women in uniform who are in command position and in the various corps of the military ‘Think Tank’ to appreciate their roles in democracy.

Meanwhile, the ceremony was attended by the military high command, Inspector General of Police and SIS Director General among others.

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