Three Years Jotna’s Musa Koteh explains how campaign against Barrow began – while denying claims group is proto-UDP

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The brain behind Operation Three Years Jotna has granted an interview to The Standard, detailing how the anti-Barrow group was conceived.

Operation Three Years Jotna is a pressure group that is campaigning against President Barrow’s plan to extend his rule.

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US-based Musa Koteh alias Kingsport told The Standard, of how the group was started: “I started Three Years Jotna since the first day that Ousainu Darboe stood and said Barrow is going for five years and whoever doesn’t want that should meet him at courthouse.

“It was on that day that I said Lawyer Darboe is ready to bring problem to our country because he wasn’t present when the Coalition was being done. If he was there, this coalition wouldn’t have worked.”

On claims the group is a proto-UDP organisation, Mr Koteh said: “When people somehow felt that this movement is a Mandinka group, they distanced themselves from Three Years Jotna. Those who see the truth, have aligned themselves with us.

“Of course, the majority of the group will be Mandinkas, because they are the majority in the country. A Wolof told me once that I shouldn’t have used ‘Jotna’. I am not UDP. I have never voted for UDP. As far as we are concerned, we are concerned citizens who want to see Adama Barrow fulfill his promise.”

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