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According to sources in Dakar Senegal, The President of the “Free Karim Wade” movement and two of his members have disappeared in Gambia since Tuesday. The trio Murtala jobe, Amadou Cham and Murtala Gaydel Wane were in Banjul to attend the 56th session of The African Commission on Human and People’s Rights meeting, the commission is headquartered in Banjul.

The three were at the meeting to call on human rights defenders to put pressure on the Senegalese President Macky Sall to free Karim Wade, son of former President, Abdoulie Wade.  Karim was sentenced in Dakar in March to six years in prison on corruption charges. He was also fined a total of 138 billion CFA.

Sources say that The Gambian repressive dictator President Yahya Jammeh could be behind the disapperance of the three to appease President Sall. This came after Jammeh openly said on National Television that he will not allow opponents of the Senegalese President in The Gambia to openly critise Sall. This is therefore President Jammeh in another misguided effort to appease President Sall of Senegal that he will not allow his critics in Gambia in an effort by Jammeh to convince Sall to arrest Gambian dissidents in Senegal and hand them over to Gambia.

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Observers say that the move could  create problems for Macky as Senegalesel are not Gambians, as Senegal is a democracy and it’s people always stand up for their rights. Family members of the three men have confirmed that they last heard from their loved ones on Tuesday.

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