Three Former Officers of The Gambia Armed Forces Gone Missing! Foul Play Suspected!

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Three former officers of The Gambia Armed Forces have gone missing according to reliable sources who contacted Faturadio to bring attention to this urgent matter. Considering the toxic human rights environment in which they live, this could potentially turn out to be a case of yet another assassination directed at innocent citizens.

Combat Engineer Col. Arthur Gomez, State Guards officer, Captain Alieu Sanyang, and 2 BN (Farra Fenni barracks) officer, Captain Lamin Jabang were all recently dismissed from the army by President Yahya Jammeh. During the course of his career, Alieu was once promoted to the rank of Lieutenant only to be later unceremoniously demoted to the rank of Wo2 on orders of Jammeh, who is also the Commander in Chief.

What makes this matter even more troubling is the evidence, even if scanty, found in the car of one of the Jungular’s (Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team) car. Shortly after their dismissal, someone is said to have accidentally found the names of the soldiers written on a yellow sticker paper usually found in offices in this particular car belonging to the Jungular who has no prior connections to the three. This, according our sources familiar with the Modus Operandi of this illegally created group that is known for nothing other than terrorizing citizens and carrying out Jammeh’s assassination orders, points to a very worrying development in a case that continues to cause trepidation and serious concern among colleagues and family members of the three who have so far searched everywhere without success.

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Some years ago, the same scenario played out when yet another three soldiers went missing from their barracks only to be later revealed by insiders that the three were in fact assassinated by the Jungulars led by Aziz Tamba, another enforcer of Jammeh’s at the time before his fall out with the brutal Dictator. The insiders revealed that the three were murdered at Bond Road, a spot on the outskirts of Banjul, the capital city. One of the soldiers murdered in that case left behind a young wife and a six months old baby.

The security forces continue to take the brunt of Jammeh’s madness. This has baffled many observers who insist that as people sworn to protect the constitution of the country, their inability to protect themselves against abuse only spells more trouble for the civilians who rely mainly on them for the protection of their sovereignty. The search for the three missing soldiers in the meantime continues.

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