‘This is not true’: Hamat Bah warns they will not let ‘so-called’ observers smear President Barrow after their state resources claim

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By Dawda Baldeh

Hamat NK Bah, leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), has frowned local election observers and accused them of given misleading information to the public.

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He said the reports that appear on newspapers which read, ‘Gov’t using state resources and vehicles in campaign’ is totally false and misleading.

Bah who is also the tourism minister was speaking on Thursday during a rally at Gunjur Kombo South.

A newspaper story quoted local election observers that the NPP presidential candidate (President Adama Barrow) was using state resources to campaign.

But Mr Bah countered: “This is not true. Barrow is still the president of the Republic of The Gambia until the 19th of January 2022. The state is responsible of his security, well-being and welfare including himself and his family. All they talk about was using government vehicles on his campaign.

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“The securities have vehicles that they own in their institutions. They are responsible for the security of the president and his delegation and they must use their vehicles to secure the president.

“We are in a democratic state but let’s be honest. Barrow is the only president I knew in Africa who abundant the state vehicles and uses his own during campaign. All that they (Observers) said was that the Barrow is using the state vehicles in his campaign.

“Many African head of state learn from him. The simplicity of this man cannot be put into questions by so-called observers. We will not accept that.”


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