‘They’ve completely ran out of ideas’: Hamat Bah comes after Darboe over his claims his knowledge brought about the Basse roads and bridges

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UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has been tackled by Hamat Bah regarding his claim his knowledge brought about the life-changing infrastructural development in Basse.

President Barrow last weekend travelled to Basse to inaugurated the roads and bridges his government built in Upper River Region. But UDP leader Darboe spoke in Basse this week and said he would use the bridges with pride as the roads and bridges came thanks to his knowledge and efforts.

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But speaking on Saturday at President Adama Barrow’s rally in Sukuta on Saturday, Hamat Bah pooh-poohed Darboe’s claims.

He said: “I heard Aboubakar Darboe in Basse said the bridges and the roads came to The Gambia because he negotiated. I want to remind him one thing, he knows that very well. The role of a minister in any government in the world is a delegated responsibility from the president of that government. Every ministry belongs to the president but because the president has so much work, he delegates the responsibility to individuals and called them ministers.

“But the position of Abubacar Darboe as foreign minister is worse. You know why? Even though the president delegates the responsibility, the constitution says that the foreign policy of the government of The Gambia shall be directed and be dictated by the president.

“It didn’t say that for tourism, it didn’t say that for justice but for the case of the foreign ministry, it says all what you do shall be directed by the president. So whatever Darboe was doing, it was Barrow who directed him to go and do it.

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“For him to claim that he negotiated those shows that the UDP leadership is bankrupt of ideas and they have nothing to present to the Gambian people. They have completely ran out of ideas. They have nothing that they can present to the Gambian people.”

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