The telephone call I will never forget in my life

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By: Momodou Jawo

It was on this date last year while I was heading to Sukuta to collect something for you, I received a call from my elder sister. Because I was driving, I decided to give the phone to his younger brother who received the call.

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My sister told your younger brother that she wants to speak with me because it was urgent. At this moment, my body started trembling before I even spoke to my sister. My sister told me: “No need to go where you are going. Maimuna has left us,” she said in tears. At the moment, I don’t know where I was. In fact, she was the very person that told me “Darling, you can go to Sukuta and bring my medication for me.”

I don’t know how I even arrived at our compound. As I entered the compound, I found people crying. For me, I still don’t believe that my love has gone forever. I went straight to my room, and I found her lying down. I still couldn’t believe that she was gone. I insisted she must be taken to the hospital so that nurses/doctors will examine her. What came to my mind was that she was just unconscious and that she would come back to us.

Friends and family members started coming to me and saying “Jawo leave everything in the hands of Allah. It was Allah that brought her to your life, and then it’s Allah that took her away from you.” Now I believe that my wife is gone. This is so difficult for me and the family.

I weep so hard, knowing fully well that I will not see her or speak with her until I meet her again in Aljanatul Fridawsi. Maimuna was an easy-going woman. She was disciplined and pious. Even at our compound, if she comes back from work and greets you and she doesn’t see your smiling face, she will go up to your house and say to you “Please, if I have wronged you, please forgive me. I noticed that I greeted you today, but you didn’t answer me the way you used to.”

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Your departure though was much earlier than we had hoped, but that’s what Allah ordained and so it shall happen.

My heart still can’t accept that you are not with us anymore. You were my strength. In this one year, there’s not a single day that I didn’t miss you. It’s not easy for me to move on from this pain. We dreamt of living a long life together, but the dreams were shattered. Last year, you left me here and went to heaven alone. I still think you are here by my side because I can feel you.

I always pray that Almighty Allah forgives your shortcomings and place you in Aljanatul Fridawsi. In Saa Allah, I promise you, I will take good care of our two beautiful daughters.

To my in-laws, Sey Kunda, Jallow Kunda, Nyockeh Kunda and others, thank you for giving me such a beautiful and disciplined woman.
My man, I trust that you are doing well.

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