“The Only Identity Europe Has For Africa Is Poverty As Young Africans Die To Reach Europe” – Archbishop Sam Zuga

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Archbishop Professor Sam Zuga, a Nigerian business tycoon and founder of Zuga Coin Cryptocurrency, has said the only identity Europe has for Africa is poverty, adding that is why young Africans are dying in the desert trying to leave the continent in search of greener pasture. Professor Zuga made this remark during his visit to Banjul at the opening of the International Society of Diplomats’ chapter in Gambia.

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The 51-year-old businessman said it is time for Africa to become re-independent, adding that the available opportunities in Africa are ignored.

“Some of us grew up to discover that we are being dictated to by the West on what we do. Everything we need must come from them. A lot of young Africans are dying in the deserts trying to leave the continent for Europe in search of greener pastures simply because of the wrong way Africa is portraited by the West.

We feel that the only way we can make it is when we leave Africa. We also underrate ourselves and believe that whatever is made in Africa is not of high standard,” he explained.

Professor Zuga disclosed that during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Africans were sold in exchange of gum-powder, mirrors among other items.

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Speaking further, the business tycoon bemoaned the Africans mentality of believing that whatever is made in Africa is inferior while things made in Europe are superior.

“If people wear African dress, we look low upon them but if they wear European dress most of us will celebrate them because the dress is made in Europe.”

The Zuga Coin owner said Africa has gold, diamond and many other natural minerals that the continent can rely on to standout, but noted that the continent import almost everything and export little or nothing.

“Poverty is the only sickness that Africans are struggling with. Everyone considers us as poor people and they see us as good customers for their medicines.

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They come to donate us medicines because they see us as sick and poor people. Anytime they are showing pictures of wealthy people they show the other parts of the world but anytime they are talking about poverty, pictures of African children and women begin to fly.”

He added that Africa needs to recover its lost dignity and becomes truly independent. “The problem is that we don’t believe in our potentials, and we believe black men and women cannot do anything of high standard.”

Sheriff Baldeh, a pan-African, spoke on opportunities in having African digital currencies.

“We have all the necessary minerals in Africa that will stand and lead the world by getting well-backed digital currencies that could be inter traded worldwide,” he said.

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