Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Betrayal of Mamma Kandeh and GDC

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By Madi Jobarteh

From today my sympathies for GDC as a party has reduced to minus zero because of their unconscionable and unpatriotic alliance with a faction of the APRC on the orders of Yaya Jammeh. The only thing I can read from the decision of GDC is that the party does not consider Yaya Jammeh as a tyrant; they deny the gross human rights violations perpetrated under the watch of the AFPRC/APRC regimes and on the orders of Yaya Jammeh; they do not recognize the TRRC; they are not ready and willing to implement the recommendations of the TRRC hence GDC is not interested and committed to a Democratic Gambia in which justice, equality and freedom prevail!

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All Gambian citizens, political parties, businesses, CSOs and any other institutions, organizations and communities in this country have a duty to uphold the demand for justice and accountability for the human rights violations and acts of corruption and abuse of power perpetrated by the APRC regime and the Tinpot Dictator Yaya Jammeh. This is non-negotiable.

For any Gambian political party to ally with Yaya Jammeh and any faction of the APRC to seek political power can only mean that that party is not willing to ensure justice and accountability. This is indeed concerning for a political party to decide to ignore the gruesome past of the country due to the misrule of the APRC regime.

What each and every political party must be speaking is to demand truth, justice and accountability for that past. Therefore the decision by the NPP, GDC and GANU to ally with the APRC is a direct threat to the peace and stability of The Gambia. Hence the decision by GDC to form an alliance with the APRC faction which is in fact the very one under the direct control of the Tyrant speaks to the height of betrayal by GDC!

NPP, GDC and GANU have amply demonstrated that they care more about gaining power at the expense of the life and future of The Gambia than to ensure justice and accountability for the misrule of the APRC Government. They have demonstrated that they do not care about the rights and welfare of fellow citizens from whom they seek power. This is the most dishonest act any party and politician can commit. How can you seek power from a people yet you are not interested to defend the rights of those people by ensuring justice for the violations meted out on them by a party you are now seeking partnership?

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I wish to therefore call on all Gambians of conscience not to support or vote for Adama Barrow, Mamma Kandeh and Sheikh Tijan Hydara and their despicable political parties. These are politicians who do not see or feel nor care about what we went through as a people. They have shown that they love the Tyrant more than they love The Gambia. Barrow, Kandeh and Hydara have clearly shown us that they don’t care about human rights, justice and democracy in any way or form. Rather they are putting it into our face that their selfish interests matters and Gambian lives don’t matter!

If you are therefore a member of NPP, GDC and GANU and you claim to love The Gambia, then today is the day you should resign from these parties. If you claim to believe in Allah or God and you are patriotic and care about truth and justice then from today you should resign and stop supporting these three political parties and politicians, lest you can only be described as unpatriotic, unconscionable, dishonest, hypocritical and an unjust person.

Let Mamma Kandeh, Sheikh Tijan Hydara and Adama Barrow realise that by their alliance with the APRC, they have indeed soiled their hands with the blood of Gambians. From today Mamma Kandeh, Adama Barrow and Sheikh Tijan Hydara are direct accomplices in the rape, torture and murder of hundreds of innocent Gambians and non-Gambians because they have demonstrated their willingness to not only deny these atrocities but also to obstruct justice for these crimes. This is the meaning of their alliance with Yaya Jammeh and APRC – to cover up for Yaya Jammeh and the APRC regime.

At least, increasingly Gambians should now know which political parties and politicians are for or against The Gambia. For now, it is abundantly clear that GDC and Mamma Kandeh, NPP and Adama Barrow and GANU and Sheikh Tijan Hydara are enemies of The Gambia and must be perceived and treated as such!

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No to APRC. No to NPP. No to GDC. No to GANU.

Gambian Lives Matter!

For The Gambia Our Homeland



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