Sulayman Gassama Former State House Photographer Absconds With His Children

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Credible sources have informed The Fatu Network that Sulayman Gassama, cameraman, sound technical and photographer at The Office of The President has left the shores of The Gambia after he fell out with dictator Yahya Jammeh. Sources say this is not the first time that Sulayman has fallen out with dictator Jammeh who is known for betraying people close to him.

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Sulayman was brought into The State House shortly after dictator Jammeh came into power in 1994, he was under the guardianship of the former first lady, Tuti Faal.


His late dad, Ta Sankung Gassama, a grand Marabou from Pirang village was the man who many said was there for Jammeh during the early days of the 1994 military take over offering prayers and advise to the young lieutenant. It is that show of appreciation that got Sulayman to The State House back then.

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Observers say this is another show of lack of gratitute by dictator Jammeh who never spares nobody no matter what one does for him.


Sulayman is said to be one of  Jammeh’s pimps, getting him young beautiful women especially within The Gambia.

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