Student group threatens action at The Gambia College

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An underground students’ movement at the Gambia College calling itself ‘The Outlaw’ has threatened to incite action against the administration of the country’s leading tertiary educational institution for its failures to live up to the responsibility of providing the needs and educational aspirations of the college’s student population.

In an underground e-newsletter that was published this week and circulated to the students body and leaked to Fatu Radio Network, the movement said their silence was “just an era [to] strengthen our arms and patiently observing the cruel acts of the evil heads, who were fooled in awe, comfortably resting on the laurels of injustice and corruption, without noticing the HD- Camera-like watchful eyes of the OUTLAW.”

Describing itself as “the satirical and invisible information entity present here on campus”, the Outlaw said it is therefore time for celebration “as we prepare to unveil the smelling wax burnt by these crooks we called leaders.

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”The students’ “scramble for chairs, closure of information centers, refusal to accommodate students due to your flimsy excuses, over population on the campus due to your self-centered decisions to make PTC students regular this year, months of pending stipends, failure to commemorate the 65 years anniversary of the noble institution and lot more failures….: is apparently motivating the students to make true their threats to begin taken action unless something is immediately done to address their situation they call “unacceptable”.

“The sweet words from their venomous tongues has done enough corroding of the weak minds as students, as we are frequently fooled and unconditionally threatened to surrender the little rights we are supposed to publicly enjoy,” The Outlaw wrote.

It added that the “abuse of our rights in the endless days at the immeasurable gravity has detrimentally contributed to our dormancy in academic work, with the culprits being hierarchical from the empty barrel in the form of a principal, down to the kleptomaniac and myopic student union.”

“Therefore, our role as the voice of the voiceless is fully renewed with the greater power, as we prepare to drop atomic bombs one by one….,”they stated.

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For the College’s students’ union executives, the movement said they are “a tiny broomstick we can break in seconds. The remaining bombshells are still dangling over your bald and blunt heads including your cockroach president ready to be released to immunize your negative attitudes and describe your failure for you.”

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