Thursday, June 1, 2023

“Stop The Political Intolerance & Vilification” Writer Says

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By Lamin Darboe

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The political intolerance and vilification being displayed in our politics in the past couple of days is shameful and needs to stop immediately. As civilized people, we can disagree and agree without insulting or vilifying each other. And we must tolerate divergent views and dissenting opinions without being mean or disrespectful to each other. After all, democracy is about transparency, accountability, rule of law, human rights and tolerating divergent views and dissenting opinions.

People have a right to speak their mind and politicians are not immune from criticism. If you don’t want to be criticized , then don’t get into politics. Journalist are partners in democracy not enemies of democracy. Therefore their rights as fellow citizens and journalist must be respected.

We have to appreciate and recognize the contribution of each and everyone in the struggle to change the Gambia for the better. You cannot hailed someone as a Hero in the struggle to change Gambia and now vilify him or her when you disagree with them. That is dishonest and hypocritical.

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Such is the case of Fatou Camara of the Fatou Network. The smear campaign and vilification against her in other to discredit her is dishonest and preposterous. It doesn’t matter how long she has been in the struggle.What is important here is the difference she made in the struggle. But to labeled her as partisan, tribalist or someone encouraging tribal sentiments is very dishonest and laughable.

For some,she is an easy target to get cheap or easy popularity. But attacking anyone especially a woman is not the way to show manhood.Instead it is the contrary, it shows your weakness and disrespect for the womb that brought you into this world.

I was very disturbed and disappointed when is listened to an audio recorded from a political rally in The Gambia. In that audio recording, you can hear some members of the coalition from the diaspora who are supporters of one of the political parties going after some coalition senior members including Dr Isatou Touray. That is a political misjudgment, lack of political maturity and wisdom.

At the end of the day,it looks like the president has prevailed in resolving the political differences between the stakeholders. What is important here is that we are all Gambians and Gambia belongs to all of us.So my fellow Gambians, let us give credit where credit is due and stop being dishonest.

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Fatou Camara put her heart and soul into this fight like so many other Gambians and that is an undeniable fact. A single mother who put country first before her own family deserves better than what she is getting at the moment.

But one thing that doesn’t surprise me is that even God mentioned the ungratefulness of human beings in the holy Quraan. So fellow Gambians let us be tolerant and work for the interest of our dear motherland The Gambia.

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