State House Head of Household and Chef Arrested, Accused of Attempting to Assassinate President Jammeh!!!

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Head of Household at the Statehouse, Modou Jatta, and the Chef named Sheikh Sanyang were recently arrested, and taken to the feared National Intelligence Agency (NIA) from where, Fatu Network has been reliably informed, they were transferred to the notorious Mile 2 Prison.  Their crime?  President Yahya Jammeh suspects both tried to assassinate him through poisoning his food.

According to our sources in State House, Jammeh being the paranoid Dictator he is, has always been very worried about being poisoned.  This worry has heightened since the coup attempt of December 30, 2014 when armed men stormed his fortified palace in Banjul.  He is so scared these days that he wouldn’t touch his bottle of water again after taking a sip from it, wouldn’t take a tissue paper from a box if he is not the one who originally opened it, and would carefully try to sense any funny taste in the first bite of food in his mouth.  As it turns out, the arrest of the duo came about as a result of him feeling a funny taste in his meal recently.

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This is not the first time these two guys have been arrested.  Modou Jatta was recently arrested, detained, and reinstated.  Interestingly enough, it seems Jammeh’s fear of Modou is grounded in what he knows Modou is capable of – thanks to the evil missions he (Jammeh) put Jatta in charge of regarding this food poisoning schemes.  If you could all recall, Jatta was the one to whom Jammeh gave a spiritual liquid concoction to put in former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan’s meal to cast a spell on the Naija leader.  Modou was arrested when that scheme backfired to cover up Yahya’s role.  Sheikh was also arrested and removed many times but somehow always reinstated after his detention.

Observers have noted that Jammeh may not necessarily even believe that these two are involved in any effort to assassinate him, but only doing this to serve as a warning to anyone thinking of doing such to him.  As usual, there is no evidence to prove these gentlemen were involved in any crime other than food not tasting to Jammeh’s satisfaction, but the mere fact that they are being arrested and possibly tortured on such basis, goes to show the lawlessness in that country.  It is therefore about time these employees at the State House think deeply about their future and consider whether this kind of fate is what they want to resign themselves to.

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