staring down the enormous taboo of asking challenging questions

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It has been a long, costly, frustrating road for the Gambians with lists of scandals, gauntlet of hurdles that Yaya Jammeh intentionally caused and now he turns back to us Gambians as his passenger when the trip has gotten even stranger to ask for 5 more years .The enormous crisis now menacing our country didn’t erupt spontaneously or unexpectedly on Gambians and sure it didn’t happen whiles Gambians were occupied elsewhere, but it’s because we didn’t ask questions when it mattered the most.


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Too often, while observing trends on the supercharged Gambian social media sites and online radios, things quickly can get obtuse and verbose at times when legitimate questions are put forward. Many brave Gambians are taking up the challenge of voicing their reservations and having the guts , character to stare down the enormous taboo of asking questions to those seeking public office to rule us.



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Debate about anything which involves a citizen is made more difficult because Gambians are guilty of putting their lineage (tribe), proximal family relations, shelf development interest instead of their country first. When questioned are unwelcome, and it often is when it pertains to an individual, there is a temptation to eviscerate people character and shoot the messenger.



As a results, people wear their emotions on their sleeves -get bitter, mean, and petty on things we should all agree with. This is the primary reason why Yaya Jammeh is still ruling Gambia . He sensed an opportunity thrown on his feet because there are plenty of issues we carelessly let him exploit.Sometimes, It may seem like the much talk about a ” new” Gambia is a long way from the smiling coast again.

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The Dictator used this to his advantage as he has shown again and again that he-governs by grudge, uses state power to beat up on people who cannot fight back and murder people. He was not known for being religious at all ,but he now presents himself during daytime as pious man with gruff exterior, Quran on his hand, prayer beads on his fist, rapped in white robes up to his jaw bone and his speeches are without substance but some people find it refreshing.



One ridiculous ploy talent Yaya Jammeh have which I am sure scores very heavy on his books of bad deeds is the ability to poisonously define and reintroduce people which unfortunately sticks with low- information masses. The little thin material he hears about someone, he will weave it with a conspiracy of a enormous crisis. Yaya Jammeh of all people, label some people as tribalist which is far from the truth and to this day, it unfortunately resonates among some Gambians.



So my advise is ,it’s better for Mama Kandeh of GDC to come out and answer the concerns of Gambians about him . It is a dangerous call to stay quite when your phone is ringing . Gambia has series of colossal problems. Here’s why you should reconsider your stance :Do not let Yaya Jammeh distract your campaign by stereotyping you late in the campaign . One of the most distressing things about these stereotypes is that,Gambian people who have reservations about your message will with often internalize them and use it on a day it does not matter, Election Day. You might have met the IEC standards of competence but that same body disqualified Ousainu Darboe a season lawyer and failed Solo Sandeng.



Certainly , we are awed by the large number of youths who have admire you and look up to you. The Gambian people need to know what accountability Yaya Jammeh will face — and what safeguards will be put in place to make sure Gambia will never have a military ruler again after all what Yaya Jammeh put us through . The trust is, If it is not for widespread discontent and distrust of the current APRC regime , most Gambians in the diaspora would have sidelined Gambian politics time long ago because our vote don’t count . All what we ask for now is for our voice to count! No one is in love with what is happening back home in Gambia.


By Habib ( A concerned Gambian)


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