Sallah Condemns those Maligning Gambia Media

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By Lamin Njie

Halifa Sallah has called on those involved in maligning and defaming the Gambian media to remember those trying times when the coalition’s only access to the Gambian population was through that same media.

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“We must remember the courage of the media in accepting all forms of intimidation but remaining persistent in echoing the voice of the coalition. So those who today malign the media must remember those trying times when our only access to the population was this very media that is here present today,” the PDOIS leader said at a press conference held on Sunday.

PDOIS on Sunday parleyed with journalists to explain the matters discussed at its national congress and the resolutions emanating from the debate of the delegates.

Mr Sallah, who is also the National Assembly Member for Serekunda, said the constitution of PDOIS establishes the congress as the second highest organ of the party.

“It says given a mandate to serve for four years but in between the four years the congress is given mandate to convene every two years a review congress,” he said.

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According to Mr Sallah, “in the 2015 congress of PDOIS, resolutions were passed and one of the resolutions was that the central committee had the mandate to negotiate with other opposition parties in order to develop a strategy and tactic for the 2016 presidential election.”

“We would want the public to go back to what PDOIS indicated in Agenda 2016. We emphasised that we will work for electoral reform so that we can have a level ground for multi-party contest but if electoral reform fails, then the opposition parties should meet and select one candidate among their number who will serve as the flagbearer to effect the change that the people desired,” he said.

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