Resignation: Sadibou Says GFF Leadership Is “A Realm Of Unquenchable Dictatorship”

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By Amara Thoronka

Sadibou Kamaso has disclosed on his “Sadibou for GFF President” Facebook page that he has on Friday 13th May 2022 resigned his positions as executive member of Gambia Football Federation (GFF) and member of all GFF standing committees.

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“There are moments in one’s life when it is prudent to sacrifice to self for the good of others and if not for that particular purpose, at least to stand and defend one’s adored ideals and values. I have today submitted my resignation letter as Executive Member of The Gambia Football Federation and member of all other GFF standing Committees which resignation takes immediate effect having assumed the said positions since 2018 with the fervent belief that the ideas, plans and vision I was presented with are in the best interest of promotion and advancement of the beautiful game of football in our beloved country with a holistic approach,” he said.

He described the current GFF leadership as a ‘realm of unquenchable dictatorship.’

“My decision to resign today is with a heavy heart but quite apt with a very clear and disentangled mind.  It is an established fact that this move was unavoidable considering the fact that the current GFF leadership has embarked upon a realm of unquenchable dictatorship by making unilateral decisions that contravene the democratic principles which are not only manifestly unjust but clearly unsuitable and unacceptable.”

Kamaso added that he was and still remain of the fervent belief that him serving in various positions was to offer his allegiance to the football development aspirations of football stakeholders and the country and not to a particular position or individual.

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“I have always made my voice and position known where I should and given my all to make football better. To some, this may seem like an act of defiance, yet to those who know me well and served with me would confirm that I would never allow to be used for the wrong reasons.”

He noted that, “The recent tsunami of removals of individuals from the different GFF committees simply because they are perceived to support my candidature are not only reprehensible but deplorable and unacceptable and must END NOW.  The appointments of these individuals in these positions were Executive Decisions of the GFF and their removals must also be tabled before the same Executive Members, not unilaterally by the President.  I am aware that there are more sacking letters being drafted for those believed to support my candidature or even suspected of supporting the restore Confidence team.”

“I stand in full solidarity with these hardworking individuals and assure them of my strongest commitment to fight against these unjust moves.  I have come to the inevitable conclusion that my candidature should not cause people their positions.  In an act of defiance to these wrongful removals and in full solidarity with these innocent and hardworking individuals who have done nothing but commit their all to football development in our beloved country, I have decided to resign from all GFF positions with immediate effect,” he emphasized.

Kamaso concluded that those who support his candidature and feel threatened by what he called “unfair removals,” have his fullest support at all times; saying that they will continue to fight for the right changes in Gambian football.

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