Thursday, June 1, 2023

Residents Express Frustration Plying OIC Road

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By Jankey Touray

The ongoing OIC Gambia road is alleged to have caused floods among natives of Bertil Harding highway in the coastal road locality.

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The project which is expected to be completed in fourteen (14) months as the work is in progress has made life difficult for people around that area.

Mahmoud Kanteh, a tailor and an occupant, said they find it difficult as the water does not flow freely. Water from the market and other residents are settles at their gate, adding that this was the first rain and the whole area is covered with stagnant water.

“I also work at night and with the poor condition of the road, drivers increase fare from the coastal road to the turntable,” said Kandeh.

He claimed that drivers increase fare at night to Fifty Dalasis, an amount which he described as costly for some of them.

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Ablie Sanneh, a car mechanic, said they are experiencing lots of drawbacks on the side road provided for drivers to pass through.

“If there is heavy rain, the whole place is filled with water. The cars find it difficult to pass,’ said Sanneh.

Sanneh said the cars they repair are mostly packed outside, and with the side road, all the cars get dirty after being washed and that some cars could spoil again.

Ousman Jarju, a passenger whose vehicle got stock, said the poor condition of the road makes traveling tough for them.

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‘Our car got stuck in the mud because there were holes and thick water on the road and the driver tried to make a turn to the main highway,’ Jarju explained.

He pleaded with the government to fasten the work and urged citizens to exercise patience.

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