Protest looms in Gambia over Momodou Lamin Sisay US death

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By Lamin Njie

A group of Gambians are mobilising for a peaceful protest in front of the US Embassy in Banjul over the death of Gambian Momodou Lamin Sisay.

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Sisay, 39, was shot and killed by police in Georgia, United States on Friday. Police there said he engaged them in a shootout.

His death has ignited appreciable anger in The Gambia, coming as protests rocked US over the fatal arrest of black man George Floyd.

Madi Jobarteh who is proving to be the man behind the protest said in a Facebook post today: “Tomorrow Monday June 1 we will apply for a permit to the Inspector General of Police to provide security for a peaceful assembly in front of the US Embassy on Kairaba Avenue. The protest is planned for Monday June 8 at 10am. We will converge in silence.

“We will stand on one knee like Colin Kaepernick to symbolize our mourning and condemnation of the acts of violence meted out to Blacks in the US by the police. By 10:30am we will hand over a signed petition to the Ambassador and then peacefully disperse. You can sign the petition if you come to the protest site.

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“We will ensure social distancing and we urge all to donate and bring face masks, water buckets and soap and hand sanitizers in respect of the state of emergency regulations.”

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