President Jammeh vs Detained Journalist Abdoulaye Ceesay: His Family Now Denied Access To Him

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Security sources have confirmed to Fatu Radio that journalist Alhagi Ceesay has been denied access to his family for three days now. Alhagi whose family has been taking meals to him since he was remanded at the Mile II Central Prison has been told that there will no longer be any homemade meals for him until further notice.

No reason has so far been officially advanced as to why such a drastic decision has been taken but for years now the conditions at the state Central Prison has been on the radar of rights groups who described it death trap.

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In addition to overcrowding, credible reports have emerged from former inmates where it is alleged that in some instances, prisoners were fed with dead animals.

Family members visiting loved ones at Mile II have also been asked not to go anywhere the main gate of the prison. They were asked to stop on the opposite side of the road and wait to speak with prison officers. Whatever is going on there at the moment is unknown, but Fatu Radio is keenly monitoring the situation.

We have also been informed that the former deputy minister for Agriculture, Ousman Jammeh is being held at the security wing of Mile II for over a month now without being charged with any crimes. He is said to coping and is held in the place as Solo Bojang and many others.


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