President Barrow Sets Up Presidential Taskforce To Investigate Foni Incident

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By Sarjo Brito

Gambian President Adama Barrow in a press statement dated January 26, 2022, says he has set up a Presidential taskforce effective immediately, to investigate Monday’s incident in Foni where Senegalese soldiers clashed with elements of the separatist group MFDC. The exchange between the two groups on Gambian soil claimed the lives of two Senegalese soldiers and displacing many of the civilian population living around the border villages.

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‘’Given the urgency of the situation, President Barrow has immediately constituted a Presidential Taskforce to thoroughly investigate the incident. For a more inclusive and transparent investigation, the Presidential taskforce draw membership from key Government institutions and the ECOWAS Permanent Mission in The Gambia’’

The Gambian leader in his press release says he sympathises with the people of Foni after a threatening situation which has disrupted their daily activities and forced many to flee for safety.

‘’Mr Barrow is particularly touched by the pain and suffering of the people of the satellite villages of Kampant, Kappa, Ballen and Buginga and assures them of his government’s unflinching commitment to ensure lasting peace and security within their communities. Therefore, the people of Foni and the people in general are urged to go on their normal business as the situation is under control and Government wishes to ensure all, that it has no plans to use The Gambia launchpad for cross border attacks’’

President Barrow also shared his condolences to the ECOMOG Command, The ECOWAS Community, and the bereaved families of the fallen Senegalese soldiers.

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