President Barrow gets the balling rolling on his campaign by asking citizens in Upper Nuimi to be mindful of one box during voting

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President Adama Barrow has asked citizens in Upper Nuimi to be mindful of one of the boxes of next month’s presidential election.

The president addressed citizens in Fass Omar Saho on Tuesday as the curtain got raised on his campaign.

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The president said: “This is a very important election that one has to be very diligent. I know you people know me. And this is why I tell you don’t call me Barrow Manasi but Barrow Nata Dokuwolela.

“There will be many boxes in this election but you should be careful of one box: that’s the box where all insult emanate. Tribalism also comes from that box. It’s also the box where they want to be president by any means necessary.

“So everyone should be mindful of that box. Our box too is there but our box is the peace box, a box that knows only work.”

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