President Barrow admits giving out money publicly

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Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow has admitted that the picture circulating on social media showing him giving out money was indeed real and not photo-shopped.

Speaking at his first Press Conference on Saturday since his return from Senegal, President Barrow said he indeed gave out the money and it is only 200 Gambian dalasis.

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He said: “The picture is true. I only gave out two hundred dalasis (D200)”he admitted.

The said picture that went viral on social media was captured during the welcoming ceremony last Thursday amidst thousands of people surrounding his car and escorting him. Mr Barrow was seen up on his car holding the money and giving it out publicly.

Meanwhile, the president giving out money especially in public has been a major concern and condemned in the former regime. Many believe that the act most stopped.

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