Police tell public law around face mask still lives as compliance falls

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Police have said the number of people adhering to the mandatory wearing of face mask is decreasing.

Police said in a statement: “Following the relaxation of the Curfew Regulations and the easing up of the Regulations on closures of Markets and shopping centers, the IGP’s office has observed with great concern that the level of compliance with wearing of face mask at public places is decreasing.

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“To this effect the Office of the Inspector General of Police wishes to remind the general public that, other Covid-19 prevention regulations particularly the compulsory face mask wearing regulations are still in effect and enforcement is ongoing. Individuals visiting public places and using transports are strongly advised that, they must ensure wearing of their face masks at all times.

“The public is further informed that the Covid-19 security task forces across the country will pay specific attention to the strict enforcement of the Compulsory Face mask Wearing Regulations. Individuals found wanting of violations will be processed for court.

“The public is urged to support Law Enforcement Officers and the Ministry of Health in fighting against Covid-19 by adhering to the Compulsory Face mask Wearing Regulations.”

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