Paying Salaries to Village Heads Will Compromise Their Independence; UDP Spokesman Says

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Opposition party spokesman Karamo Njie has questioned President Adama Barrow’s decision to pay alkalo’s, claiming that it will compromise their independence. The UDP North Bank Region spokesperson was speaking after President Barrow announced the allocation of salaries to alkalo’s (village heads).

He noted that such a promise which comes a few weeks to the presidential election is tantamount to ‘political inducement’. President Barrow on Tuesday while on campaign tour announced that from January 2022, all village heads will be put on a paid government salary in appreciation of their community service.

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“Since he was elected in 2016, he has never mentioned this till today just less than one month before the election. This is a clear case of political inducement. Jawara did not do it. Jammeh did not do it. Barrow did not do it until a few weeks to the election. The question is why now? Gambians are not sleeping,” Njie said

He called on the president to focus on more pressing matters like improving the standard of living, health, education and security sector reforms among others. He used the opportunity to canvass citizens to vote for the UDP led by Ousainu Darboe who he says, “has all the needed experience to lead The Gambia into a better future.”

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