Opposing President Barrow means opposing God – OJ

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Experienced politician Omar Jallow OJ has argued going against President Adama Barrow translates into going against God.

Speaking at President Barrow’s meeting in Bundung, the former PPP leader said President Barrow is a man of peace who should be supported.

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And speaking in an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network at his Pipeline home, OJ doubled down on the comments.

He said: “I meant what I am saying because I’m a believer, I’m a Muslim. And everybody knows that God never comes down here and face people and do things for people. But he passes it through individuals, that is in our Quran. He said that you can never thank God without thanking people.

“How many people since 1965 wanted to be president in this country and they have never been president, how many people in the 22 years of Yahya Jammeh wanted to be president and never be[came] president. How many times did Hamat Bah contest/ How many times did Sidia Jatta contest? How many times did Halifa Sallah contest? How many times did Ousainou Darboe contest?

“All those years nobody knew Adama Barrow. Adama Barrow was known within three months of the elections and he became president. So I believe that because of that and I believe that we came together.”

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