Nyancho Sacks Manager, Accuses Him Of Mismanagement

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The Afromanding singer and songwriter, Nyancho Apachaky, has earlier today announced the sacking of his music manager Dembo Jobarteh alias D.Jobs,  accusing him of mismanaging funds among others.

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In a press statement, Nyancho expressed disappointment towards his manager.

“Just to clear the air about the rumor that has been circulating lately about my management. From today onwards, I Nyancho Apachaky is officially here to announce that Dembo Jobarteh also known as D. Jobs is no more my manager. I’ve sacked him from his duty as manager on behalf of my management,” he disclosed.

According to him, D. Jobs has been taking bookings on behalf of him (Nyancho) the team, adding that he (D. Jobs) took loans of different amounts from people and companies all in his name (Nyancho and his management) without their knowledge.

“I was playing shows that he already spent the money on his personal problems without showing the team a single dalasi. And I am sure the whole world knows how painful and hard my stage performance is.”

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Nyancho noted, “I am the artist with the biggest technical team. With my DJ, my dancers, my backing vocalists and other people underground.”

He alleged that D. Jobs has been collecting money from people and using it on himself, confirming that the team is suffering.

He said he will now start from scratch, urging people not to contact D. Jobs for any booking or music business.

This medium tried contacting D.Jobs for his feedback but he couldn’t be reached at the moment.

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