NRP Denies Defection Claims

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By Lamin Njie

The National Reconciliation Party has denied the reported defection of dozens of its members to the United Democratic Party.

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UDP on Saturday held a rally in Farafenni, North Bank Region, with a prominent member of the party claiming that more than 50 people have abandoned NRP and have gone on to join UDP.

“More than 50 people from nrp have switched their allegiance from little nrp headed by their chairman Dorro Bah to mighty UDP!!!! They just sake hand with our leaders,” Bakary Njie, a UDP national assembly member, said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

NRP quickly responded to the claims, saying they were false.

“We want to inform the general public that the information circulating on social media purporting that hundreds of NRP supporters led by Doro Bah cross carpeted to UDP, is false,” NRP said on its official Facebook page.

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According to the party, Dora Bah was the APRC Chairman for Lower Saloum constituency.

“He joined UDP and recently got elected as it’s CRR Chairman. It is therefore illogical to say he cross carpeted to a party he already holds chairmanship or led people from a party he was never a member,” it added.

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