NPP iron lady Nyima Kinteh says UDP imitated President Barrow by thinking they will get presidency if they too slept in Basori

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National People’s Party strongwoman Nyima Kinteh has said United Democratic Party’s plan to spend the night in Basori while returning to Banjul from upcountry campaign didn’t go as planned as leader Darboe missed out.

UDP had planned to make a night stop in the holy village of Basori last week before heading back to Banjul but leader Darboe missed out as he sustained an injury and was evacuated to Afrimed.

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Speaking at President Barrow’s rally in Busumbala, Nyima Kinteh of the National People’s Party said: “Be wary of leaders who do not accept what God has destined. We have seen people trying to imitate him (President Barrow). In 2016 if you remember President Barrow spent the night in Basori. There is a lot of prayers in Basori, we have our men of God in Basori. They think if they sleep in Basori, God will give them what he gave President Barrow (presidency). But they ended up sleeping at Makasama’s place.

“We pray for his speedy recovery because NPP is not a party that wishes bad luck to our opponents. If you remember days to the nomination, they said our president was sick and went for treatment in France but Allah is One. What you wished for mine is what befell yours.”

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