November 11 Killings Were Ordered by Jammeh – Njie

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A former chief staff of State House has said that former president Yahya Jammeh ordered the killing of soldiers who were linked to an attempted coup in November 1994.0

“I heard Yahya Jammeh said kill them all the ring leaders, I heard that, I will never forget,” Demba Njie who says he was with Jammeh at the time told the TRRC on Wednesday.

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He said on the day of November 11, he found Jammeh in a very confuse mood, who was moving up and down saying to soldiers that he is going to fight the coup plotters and that soldiers were begging him to calm down.

He added: “The first time I heard kill, I regretted being a soldier because they (junta members) believe that they were soldiers with different. I felt ashamed and very worried.”

He further labeled Jammeh as a trouble maker who didn’t take order from his seniors but added that Jammeh was very smart on whatever he was doing.

He said ‘Yahya Jammeh was a troublemaker’, adding that Jammeh jokingly told him a day after the 1994 coup that ‘boy if I had meet you here yesterday I would have blown off your head and I said you cannot do anything to me’.

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He said Jammeh later went to attacked Bakau police station with his boys at night and mercilessly beat the police personnel there at the time, adding Jammeh himself confessed that to him on the following day and that he denounced his action on the police station.

He told the commission that 1994 coup was a setup one and that it could have been foiled with the resistance of the soldiers at the State House at the time with their AK47 rifles.

Meanwhile, Mr. Njie was asked to reappear before the commission to shed light on other issues as he was bereft.

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