New National Employment Policy Targets Creation of 150,000 Jobs In 5 Years

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By: Christian Conteh

Cabinet has on 13th January in its first meeting in 2022 discussed and adopted a paper on the new National Employment Policy 2022-2026 presented by the Minister of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment.

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The new policy which targets the creation of about 150,000 jobs in five (5) years takes a critical look at the various issues culminating into the high incidence of youth unemployment and provides sustainable policy statements and strategies, taking into account the inter-sectoral linkages.

The National Employment Policy 2022 – 2026 is expected to provide guidance and give effect to Government’s commitment to coordinate actions to reduce unemployment, under-employment and facilitate national development through wealth and employment creation, poverty reduction and support broad-based economic development. 

The policy proposes various strategies to address challenges impeding the creation of quality employment and eventually improve the standard of living for The Gambian people.

The strategies that will be rolled out to achieve this ambitious drive include the stimulation of economic growth and development nationwide particularly in the rural areas whilst enhancing employable skills and competencies for all by linking education and skills development to labour market needs.

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The promotion of entrepreneurship and access to finance for youth, women and persons with disabilities and the integration of employment issues in microeconomic policies and investment strategies towards employment mainstreaming and job creation.

Achieving the policies strategic objectives will also require the creation of support programs for the informal sector for the smooth transition into the formal sector and the promotion of labour-intensive technology through public investments in the productive sectors including agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture.


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