“National Assembly Should Summon President Barrow On Implementation Of TRRC Recommendations” – Madi Jobarteh

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By: Sainabou Sambou

Madi Jobateh, a human rights activist, has called on the National Assembly to summon President Adama Barrow to bring forth the TRRC report and the Government White Paper and its implementation plan before the Assembly.

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In an interview on West Coast Radio’s Coffee Time program on Friday 1st July 2022, Jobarteh said the National Assembly should dedicate a special session to the discussion of the TRRC report and the Government’s White Paper and the implementation plan which the government is yet to published. He said the TRRC is an act of parliament, and it was created by an act of parliament.

“In my view, the National Assembly should summon not the Minister of Justice, but the President to bring the TRRC report and the Government White Paper and the implementation plan.”

Mr Jobarteh added that the TRRC and its report is a national issue, and for that matter, it needs to go to the National Assembly for them to discuss to come up with a resolution.

He also said the National Assembly should give legal backing to the whole process and the whole document for accountability and national ownership of the TRRC report.

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Mr Jobateh further stated they may run the risk of subjecting the TRRC report to the same fate as the Janneh Commission, noting that would be tragic for the country.

Madi said it’s more than thirty days since the TRRC report was delivered to the government and it has been silent and there are many recommendations in the White Paper that could have been implemented by now.

“The CSOs have not been quite vocal since the release of the government’s White Paper even though there are a lot of CSOs, particularly the victims association, an association working on sexual and gender-based violence and women issues” he noted.

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