More legal fights for IEC as another rejected candidate sues Election House

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Mai Ahmad Fatty and his Gambia Moral Congress have also sued the Independent Electoral Commission over its decision to reject the party’s nomination.

Mai Fatty was one of 15 candidates the IEC rejected for failing to collect 200 signatures from Banjul. He appealed the decision but it was discarded.

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The politician and his party are unhappy and have now turned to the courts for a permanent resolution of the matter.

Mai Fatty himself wrote: “What is at stake is a matter of fundamental national importance, much greater than the sum total of our extant political ambitions. We are in court to protect the rights of those who may come after us – young Gambians – who may aspire to lead this country. It is a matter of law and principle.

“No state institution should be granted the authority to abuse its purposes of existence. No state institution should be permitted to scuttle the constitutional rights of a single citizen. No state official must be enabled to be a law unto him/self. This fight is about the sanctity and supremacy of an entrenched right.”

The case will be heard on Friday and it is coming amid Citizens’ Alliance’s legal battle with the IEC.

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