More Defections: APP Deputy National Youth Mobilizer and Others Join NPP

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By Dawda Baldeh

Modou Lamin Gaye, Deputy National Youth Mobilizer of the All People’s Party (APP) and Mamadou Alieu Bah a key figure of the ‘No to APRC/NPP Alliance Movement’ have officially defected to the National People’s Party after meeting with President Adama Barrow.

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“I come here to form an alliance with the president because his mission and vision for the country are very clear. As a good citizen, I should not be selfish to join a party that is working hard to develop the country,” Modou Lamin Gaye told journalists after he met President Barrow.

Gaye believes NPP is not only the winning party but also the party that aims at unifying Gambians.

“Our party has been rejected so the best thing is for me to join a party that serves the best interest of the people,” he explained.

Mamadou Alieu Bah alias MA Bah a key figure of the breakaway APRC movement also renewed his loyalty to President Barrow. Bah told journalists that he renewed loyalty to President Adama Barrow come after he has realized Barrow’s vision for the country.

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“I came to pledge my firm support to President Adama Barrow because I realized that he is the type of leader Gambia needs,” he said.

He stated that President Adama Barrow’s main target is to reunify the citizens. Bah further stated that citizens are divided into different groups which if not properly handled can cause chaos.

Seedy Njie Deputy Spokesperson of the NPP expressed the party’s appreciation to MA Bah and Modou Lamin Gaye for joining the NPP. Njie described their coming as a clear manifestation of NPP’s victory.

“This is an indication that every Gambian is behind the President,” Njie said.

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He said all the candidates who have endorsed the president have seen the right path. Adding that some are very influential in the political field and having them in the party is a big plus.

“These people have decided to fight for President Barrow to help him win the election for a better Gambia.”

While welcoming the endorsement, Njie assured the candidates of a better change.

“I want you to feel free this Party is for all Gambians who are in for development,” he ended.

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