Momodou Sabally labels President Barrow and his government ‘thieves’ as he says he was never invited by UAE government

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Momodou Sabally has branded President Adama Barrow and his government thieves as he says the president was never invited by the government of UAE but a private individual.

Speaking to Gambians in an audio message, Sabally said: “I’m confused because they said the private office of his Highness. So private office means the Dubai government never invited Adama Barrow, rather one individual from the royal family who invited him.

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“It’s belittling for our government and our president to get up and not to go and answer to another president but a private person. Diplomatically it’s wrong. But I’m saddened because the reports I have is that a few Gambian businessmen are the one who organized this trip and are already in Dubai.

“One of them is in telecommunications, you have another who is in petroleum products and another in construction. Barrow doesn’t know what he enters into and what he emerges out of. Let’s kick Barrow out of power before he destroys this country. What these businessmen want is to sell our petroleum and our port to these Arabs.

“His squirrel government also increased the tax on Gambians because they have increased the price of fuel. A litre of petrol has increased from D47 to D52 and a litre of gasoil has increased from D46 to D50. Barrow and his people did not want this to come out. So these government are thieves.”

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