MLS DEATH: Touma Njie pans Gambia government over its silence

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Banjul South National Assembly Member Touma Njie has expressed frustration at the Gambia government’s silence in the death of Momodou Lamin Sisay.

Sisay, 39, died in the US state of Georgia last Friday following a shooting involving police.

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His death has caused rage among some Gambians. Some are planning to stage a protest in front of the US Embassy in Banjul.

Touma Njie wrote on his official Facebook page today on the issue but hers is with the government.

She said: “Again, as I keep saying , it is the corruption and personal interest that is Killing us in Africa .

“Days after the gunning down of a fellow compatriot in the US, we are yet to hear from the Government of The Gambia and yet we have a ministry for Foreign Affairs and Gambians Abroad. Who are they here for?”

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