MC Cham Jnr: ‘This is the least act of sabotage I expected from GDC’

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Just a few hours after the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) announced their disassociation from their campaign manager MC Cham Jnr’s alleged endorsement of Ousmane Sonko, a Senegalese opposition leader, MC Cham Jr has in his response described the press statement as the least act of sabotage he expected from his party, urging them to correct their mistake.

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In a press release, the GDC claimed that MC Cham Jnr’s ‘endorsement’ of Ousmane Sonko does not represent the party, and thus it was the view of Cham.

Responding to his party’s press release, MC Cham refuted the claim that he endorsed Sonko and said that his party is wrong. He further pointed out that such a claim is the least act of sabotage he had expected from the GDC.

“I attended the event but didn’t give any speech or statement there. I didn’t say that I endorse Ousmane Sonko, and I didn’t say the GDC had endorsed Ousman Sonko. Therefore, the GDC is wrong to issue such claims in the first place without proper investigation.

“This is the least act of sabotage I expect to come from the GDC. It is undone and they are wrong. I hope they will rectify their mistakes soon,” Mc Cham said in his defence.

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The GDC campaign manager further said that he is disappointed in the executive committee of his party for not inviting him for questioning before releasing a press statement disassociating itself from a comment, he said he has never made.

According to MC Cham, he will not interfere in foreign politics, something he has been advocating others not to involve in.

“Those who know me can attest to the fact that I have always been advocating for foreigners to stay away from Gambian politics, and this is on record in the media. Therefore, I will not interfere in foreign politics.”

In an invitation letter seen by The Fatu Network, MC Cham was invited to the fundraising party of Pastef, a Senegalese political party led by prominent opposition, Ousmane Sonko on Sunday at Sukuta, in the West Coast region.

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