Mayor Bensouda says KMC has requested for Sainabou Martin Sonko to be summarily sacked

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The Kanifing Municipal Council has requested that chief executive officer Sainabou Martin Sonko to be ‘summarily’ sacked, KM Mayor Talib Bensouda has said.

Mr Bensouda told reporters Monday Mrs Martin Sonko illegally took 12 million dalasis and bought a land with it.

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He blasted: “The actions of Mrs Sonko are very serious and we believe they are criminal in nature, ranging from fraud, tax evasion and theft.

“Mrs Sonko was confronted in a directors’ meeting of 12th July 2021 wherein she confessed to her actions and apologized to the management team of KMC.

“Although she has since recanted her position, we have proceeded to complete the investigations and table the matter before the council.”

According to Mayor Bensouda, “we have requested that the local government service commission summarily dismiss Mrs Sonko and the director of finance”.

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