Mambanjick Njie is new GDC Propaganda Sec; Salifu Puye is desk officer for KMC

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The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) party on Wednesday elected Mambanyick Njie as its new Propaganda Secretary and Salifu Puye as desk officer for KMC, sources have disclosed.

The duo where elected during a general body meeting held at the Baobab Hotel on Wednesday presided over by Party leader Hon. Mama Kandeh.

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Njie, a season journalist now politician was one time propaganda secretary of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) of now Tourism minister Hamat NK Bah. He later joined the then Jammeh administration as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports where he served for a while before falling out with the dictator and later arrested, charged and dragged to court on false charges.

Meanwhile, Salifu Puye also served as governor of Lower River Region under the then Jammeh administration.

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